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Sewer and Drain Cleaning Service

Queens Sewer and Drain Cleaning Service

Our technicians have over 15 years of experience with sewer and drain issues. We have the top of the line equipment to get the job done no matter the circumstances. Any blockage weather tree roots, waste buildup, and grease we get the job done. We service mainlines, bathtubs, vanity sinks, kitchen sinks, toilets, urinals, roof drains, floor drains, grease separators, whatever drain problem you name it we do it.

Hydro Jetter

Queens Hydro Jetter

Hydro jetting for commercial or residential anywhere from 3” inch or 10” inch main lines we tackle. We are able to penetrate through any grease or tree roots making the sewer line clean. With over 4000 psi the highest flow and pressure available and hot water over 130 degrees, we are able to tackle frozen sewer lines, clogged waste and grease clogs at a rapid rate keeping the business operational.

Sewer videos Inspection

Queens Sewer videos Inspection

With our state of the art self-leveling color camera systems, we are able to inspect 2”inch to 12” inch up 200’ foot sewer or storm lines. We inspect the conditions giving the proper assessment on the line with our years of experience we know exactly what to look for.